Cane Handling

Cane Un-loaders :

Cane un-loaders can be classified in two types, first the sling type and the grab type. The purpose of un-loaders is to un-load the sugarcane from the vehicles. Selection of un-loadermainly depend on sugarcane harvesting method andvehicles used for transportation of sugarcane to the factory from cane fields.

We offer complete range of un-loaders with sling-bar, hydraulic de-hooking or hydraulic grab type system, for various loads.


Feeder Table :

Feeder tables are used for controlled feeding of sugarcane to the main cane carrier. As the density of the tangled cane is varied, feeder tables control the feed to the main cane carrier to avoid the shock loads on the preparatory devices.

We supply feeder tables of various size as per customer requirement and suitable to site layout.

Main Cane Carrier :

Main cane carrier is a slat type conveyor which is used to transfer the cane from unloading area to fibrizer/shredder before the prepared cane is delivered to prepared cane rake elevator/belt conveyor.

We have successfully supplied, installed and commissioned cane carriers both underground and over ground depending upon site topography and customer requirement for various sizes and length. Cane carriers comes along with complete automation solutions.


Belt Conveyor :

Various belt conveyors are installed in the sugar plant for the transportation of prepared cane and bagasse to the desired location. Magnetic tramp iron separator is installed on the belt conveyor used for transferring prepared cane to the first mill.

Depending upon the operational requirement we offer both flat-type and trough- type belt conveyors.

Intermediate Rake type Carriers :

Purpose of these carriers is to transfer bagasse from preceding mill to the following mill.

Considering our vast experience in up-gradation of existing sugar plants. We have supplied and installed intermediate rake-type carriers suitable to existing layout; like short or long distance type carriers with suitable designing of rakes and other associated accessories.


Cane Preparation

Cane Chopper & Leveller :

Chopper is a cane preparatory device used for chopping the tangled cane. The direction of rotation is against the flow of cane, pushing the excess cane backwards.

Leveller further chops the cane, further increasing the density of the cane in the cane carrier. The direction of rotation is similar to the direction of cane flow.

We can offer leveller of fixed-type or swing type knives as per the customer demand/requirement.


Cane Fibrizer :

Fibrizer is one of the most critical equipment in cane milling plant. It used for tearing the sugarcane in small fibersincreasing the Index of Preparation (PI). Higher preparatory index results in higher extraction efficiency of milling plant.

We at Ulka have supplied fibrizers of various sizes to achieve the desired preparatory index for enhancement of milling efficiencies.

Cane Milling

The TRF System :

The Pressure Chute-less Pressure Feeder System - was successfully developed and now boasts of more than 500 Roller installations. This system eliminates the pressure chute totally. It is a Heavy duty feeding system consisting of a Toothed Roller Feeder, which helps to produce a dense and compact blanket of cane into the self-gripping zone of the mill. This system also helps to remove the air pockets from the cane blanket due to the unique design of the Teeth. The perforated roller also removes a quantity of superficial juice from the cane blanket. This system can be up-graded in future into Twin Roller or Three Roller system as per customised requirements.


The Ulka Compact Multi Roller Mill (CMR MILL) :

With our R & D back up and with the background of previous fruitful efforts, we had taken up development of a two roller mill. We already had the pressure chute-less multi roller mill feeder cum pre juice extractor ready, which could very well be an attachment for Ulka two roller Mill. Having this positive factor and with intense efforts aimed at a highly efficient mill, the Ulka Two Roller Mill was born. Since this is in fact available in combination with the Ulka multi roller feeder cum juice pre-extractor, the Ulka Two Roller Mills are aptly called the “Compact Multi Roller Mills” (CMR Mills).

While developing our Compact Multi Roller Mill, we had crystal clear goals, to develop – Sturdy Mill which should also be easy to install, maintain and to operate. The Mill must deliver high efficiency and low bagasse moisture. The Mill should be able to replace any existing conventional mill and be able to adapt to existing foundations.


With Anti-friction Roller Bearings :

As the study suggests that almost 16.5% of total power consumed can be easily saved by using anti-friction bearing, we dedicated our R&D efforts to incorporate anti-friction bearing with our CMR Mill making the complete package more energy efficient.

These bearings do not require water cooling; hence cooling water of around 1500 litres per hour can be saved. These bearings also eliminate the use of expensive and juice contaminating lubricants.

At Mukteshwar Sugar Mills Ltd. in Maharashtra, we introduced Antifriction Bearings for the Mill rollers. After studying the performance of these Mills for 3 crushing seasons, we are confident that anti-friction roller bearings can be successfully used for the Mill Rollers with outstanding results.

Process House Equipment


Process House Equipment

In its continuous efforts to deliver equipment to help enhance plant efficiencies, Ulka is specialized in providing energy efficient Process House equipment with flexibility in operation to suit the process requirements. We offer complete solution for Process House Equipment, which includes Design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning. We are fully equipped with In-house engineering capabilities for project design, engineering and manufacturing of various process house equipment like Tubular Juice Heaters, Juice Clarifiers, Vacuum Filters, Juice Sulphiters, Syrup Sulphiters, Milk of Lime Station, Batch & Continuous Vacuum Pans, Mono Vertical Crystallizers, Evaporators bodies – Robert, Semi-Kester, Falling Film, Horizontal Crystallizers – Vacuum, Seed ( Air & Water Cooled)

With its innovative approach towards sugar manufacturing process equipment, ULKA offers product with superior quality and improved efficiency for various process house equipment like Continuous Vacuum Pan, Mono Vertical Crystalliser etc. ULKA already has its successful installations of process house equipment in African continent and INDIA.

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